Recently, I went to an internet café.Upon entering,while looking around for the cashier,my attention was captured by close to 20 computers  logged in to Face book.Majority of the clients being youth.That is  the power of a brand and the ingenuity of founder Mark Zuckerberg,that all over the world,the number of facebook users is hitting the roof.In 2008 Facebook had 100 million users and as of March 2013 had 1.11 Billion but as of right now,the figure stands at 1.23 billion users.

Away from all those statistics,and as I scroll down on my facebook page,here is what i discover,that most of  the people requesting me for friendship do not have profile pictures-a major requirement from me to accept a friend request.This scenario means that either they are new members who do not own smart phones, they do not know how to use them or that,these friendship- seekers have a goal of winning me over nonetheless.This is not to sound arrogant but in trying to express the struggle and commitment the youth demonstrate on the various social media sites as well.

That experience,implies that youth will do anything to achieve their goals.Remembering also that the Arab spring was catalyzed by social media to effect political change and revolution,one is left wondering what the youth in Uganda and other parts of the world use it for.With Facebook pages like,’ Tusaba Gavumenti Etuyambe-TGE implying in English, ”we request for government intervention/help’’one cannot see its influence a year down the road save for sarcastic posts requesting for government help on un-serious issues.Now that TGE is defunct,let us resolve to pull our resources together,however small,to start up world changing businesses and corporations and maybe we can maximize Facebook to discuss and share ideas that profit us,after all government tends to help groups and not individuals.


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